Quality Jobs, Quality Chemists

ACS 229th National Meeting
Chemjobs Career Center
San Diego, CA
March 13-16, 2005
8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Chemjobs Career Center, the ACS onsite employment center at national meetings, provides members and employers with a venue to interview and discuss job opportunities. Each year, more than 3,000 onsite interviews have been conducted for hundreds of job openings nationwide. Beginning eight weeks before the meeting, the Chemjobs Career Center uses an online database to signup job seekers and employers, display resumes, post jobs, and schedule interviews. Signup opens January 17, 2005

Who Can Use Chemjobs Career Center?
The Chemjobs Career Center is an ACS member-benefit, open to members and national and student affiliates. Job seekers who are not ACS members must join the ACS at least four weeks before the meeting to get the best opportunity for an interview. All job seekers must also register for the national meeting to attend the Chemjobs Career Center.

Features of the Chemjobs Career Center Database
The Chemjobs Career Center database allows job seekers and employers to sign up and manage their accounts, track changes to their schedules, and communicate with each other, completely online. Additional features includes:

For Job Seekers

  • Maintain a personal calendar
  • Search jobs by field, degree, or employer
  • Request interviews
  • Track interviews schedule by employers
  • Have notices sent to personal email account
  • Get information about jobs and employers before the meeting


For Employers

  • Maintain a personal calendar
  • Search resumes across a number of criteria
  • Schedule interviews
  • Send/Receive email
  • Track interview activity
  • Have notices sent to personal email account
  • Collect statistics on postings and interviews


Employer Signup Options:

Recruiter w/Table (one recruiter per table) $600
Recruiter w/Private Office (recruiters may share) $900
Additional Recruiter: $350

(Note: Additional recruiters do not have access to the Chemjobs Career Center database and must use the table/office assigned to the lead recruiter.)

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